BASCOM Enterprises is a private resource management firm dedicated to developing ecological and environmental solutions for residential, commercial, and municipal entities. Bascom Enterprises owns two subsidiaries, which offer goods and services within the following fields: recycling, waste management, bulk trash collection, junk removal, moving services, landscaping, construction, and property management. Our strategic vision is to merge operational excellence with environmental optimization. Thus, ensuring that all of our business products and processes are designed and executed in an efficient and sustainable manner to provide a high rate of return for our partners, and a lifetime of value for our customers throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

Our firm has five operating units: Logistics Management and Evaluation; Materials Engineering and Management; Marketing and Public Relations; Government Contract Acquisition; and Mergers, Acquisitions & Strategic Partnerships. Founded in Oxon Hill, Maryland in 2001 with a single employee - Damian Bascom - the company has grown rapidly by implementing a cohesive and innovative business plan. Over the past five years, Bascom has acquired three companies while continuing to nurture outstanding relationships with clients. Our operational efficiency and management of minute business variables have resulted in value added services, which are of superior quality in comparison to our competitors. Our firm has established its corporate headquarters in Washington, D.C.

For Customers: We have demonstrated our ability to meet the highest expectations of quality, value and service within each facet of our business:

Bulk Trash Collection, Junk Removal, and Moving Services

Hauling and Other Waste Collection Services

Mowing, Landscaping, and Property Maintenance

For Business Partners: BASCOM's management team has demonstrated an unwavering discipline of conservative and consistent and innovative financial and operational management. Bascom is enormously well positioned to gain market share and profits by understanding the corporate landscape better than most.

For Members of the Community: At BASCOM, we understand the fundamental components of residential, corporate and industrial environmental engineering as well as any organization in the world. While most organizations find it challenging to efficiently integrate their success with a long term environmentally friendly agenda, Bascom prides itself in doing so proactively.

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